Fine weather was forecasted and so a motivated team started on Friday afternoon to our Winter location Mt. Wetzstein. Thanks to a couple of crew members, who did some preparation work on the weekend before, almost all of the ways were cleared and some of the antennas were already mounted on the masts. Good job! We spent the rest of Friday with unloading the equipment and filling the shack with lots of transceivers, computers etc. Late in the evening we finished works and had a nice drink at the bar of our cottage.


On Saturday, together with the rest of the crew we finished all prparations in time. Because we hadn’t enough place on the lattice towers, 2 bands (1.2GHz & 2.3GHz) and 4 bands (3.4GHz … 24GHz) were mounted together as a compromise. 2 single yagis on 2m and 2x13el + 1 M² for 70cm mounted with 180° offset were completing the setup. 47 & 76GHz were on tripods mounted on the elevator at the side of the SHF-tower.


On 1400ut everything was ready and we started CQing simultaneausly on 4 bands. Activity and conditions were „March-like“, it was hard to fill the log with QSOs.

Thanks to Michael, DB6NT, and his crew we could complete some more QSOs on the microwaves. They were travelling around to some different locations providing the local participants with additiional points. The night was awfully boring with rapidly falling QSO rates after midnight. The only highlight was a QSO on 3cm with Matej, OK1TEH. He was at his home QTH with very limited equipment, but we managed a QSO over a distance of 216km (listen here).

On Sunday we got some help from an Arnstadt crew. They were running /p on 24,47 and 76GHz (tnx DL3YEE, DM5CT & DK4RC for preparing equipment). And it was a great pleasure to get points from Max, DN4MAX,  who made his first QSOs on 24 and 47GHz!

All in all, it was a good contest with reasonable results. The weather stayed calm all the weekend. So it was almost fun! See the preliminary results below:




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